Gift Guide | New Babies

For our second gift guide (if you missed our first, you can check out our gift guide for expecting moms here), we're focusing on the new babies that make us moms.

The first few days and weeks and (yes, months) can be challenging, but we've rounded up some favorite items that will help make them just a little more comfortable and easier. 


absorbent bib

Babies drool. And spit up. A lot. Keep an absorbent bib or burp cloth handy to catch it all and keep baby's face dry to avoid any rashes. Bonus: these work really well to catch any rogue breastmilk sprays. We love how soft Numpfer's terry cloth bibs are.

cozy clothing

Dressing babies can be a lot of fun. But we think it's important to make sure that we're using super soft, cozy clothing that's easy to put on and take off (for those frequent diaper changes), especially in the first few months. We love baby leggings and joggers for this reason. These adorable joggers and leggings from Alexandra Rose Handmade are seriously gorgeous and incredibly comfy, and we love these rompers from Childhoods Clothing.

sleep sack

Depending on your sleep situation, you may want to consider various methods of keeping baby warm and cozy at nighttime. If you're bed-sharing, it's important to not swaddle the baby, but young children should sleep without blankets and pillows to avoid SIDS. So how do we keep them warm? We love using sleep sacks for babies (and toddlers, too!). Our favorites are this one from Kid Wild and these from Pehr Designs

tummy time mat

Did you know that baby-wearing counts as 'tummy time'? It's true! But you still may want to place baby down on a soft, flat surface to allow her to explore on her own. We love this Bla Bla travel play pad from Murray and Finn, Gathre mats (for super easy clean-up), this high-contrast play mat from Bitte, and these quilts from Nested Quilt Co. for an heirloom-quality option.


Even brand-new babies have a desire to put things in their mouths. Often times, to begin, it's their hands (which is actually a hunger cue!) but, as they age, they enjoy gum stimulation with teethers. We love a natural wooden teether, so you can feel confident about what baby's putting in her mouth. This one from Willaby Clothier is absolutely beautiful (and we love that it doubles as a lovie).

soft book

We think it's super important to get into the routine of reading to baby from day 1. Reading to newborns and infants helps baby develop an interest in sounds and listening skills, promotes bonding, and can help develop speech. We especially love books that are soft, high-contrast and small enough for them to be able to hold in their hands. We love Baby's First Soft Book from Bitte Shop.

sweet bonnet

Is there anything sweeter than a little baby in a bonnet? We can't think of anything at the moment. We adore these beautiful head-toppers that keep baby's head warm in the cool months and protected in the warm months (okay, and maybe we love that they make baby look like a sweet little doll). Our favorites are from Little Sun Hat, Little Pine Outfitters and Briar

baby balm

Babies' skin is super sensitive and can rash or cause discomfort easily depending on the weather and what's near baby's skin. We love to use a baby balm to protect and soothe skin and create a moisture barrier, especially in the winter months. We just love this natural blue chamomile baby balm from MinErbs