Gift Guide | Breastfeeding Mamas

Leading up to the holidays, we're sharing some of our favorite gifts for moms & babies. Interested in more gift guides? Check out our Expecting Moms Gift Guide and our New Baby Gift Guide.

Next up in our Gift Guide series: gifts especially for the breastfeeding mama! So you have a friend or family member who is planning on breastfeeding, and you'd like to gift them something to support and encourage them. We've rounded up some of our favorite gifts to help make breastfeeding a little more comfortable.

Did we miss any of your favorite breastfeeding gifts? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Nursing pads are one of our go-to recommendations for things to have on-hand before baby arrives. Not only do they help protect against leaks, but they also help to protect against chafing and discomfort from bras and clothing. We love these super soft ones from Creekside Kid. (We love them so much that we put them in our New Mom Box!)


Hydration is key to health. While there's no need to drink excessive amounts of water or other liquids while breastfeeding (it actually doesn't have any impact on your milk supply), it is important to stay hydrated and drink to thirst. Keep an eco-friendly water bottle near you at all times to make sure you're getting the water you need. We love these glass bottles by Soma, the glass bottles by bkr, and the stainless steel bottles from S'well


Another absolute breastfeeding must-have, nursing salve (aka nipple balm) is the best way to sooth and heal sore or cracked nipples, especially in those first few days and weeks when your nipples are still adjusting to frequent suckling. We absolutely love Min.Erb's nursing salve because it's all natural and safe for mom and baby. 


Did you know that breastfeeding mamas burn about 500 calories extra a day. The hunger is real. We recommend that you always keep some healthy, nutrient-dense snacks on-hand to stave off hunger and keep your energy levels up. We love Oat Mama bars for their insanely delicious flavors and commitment to maternal and infant health (we're big fans of their #mothertogether campaign). 


The choice to cover while nursing is completely yours. We advocate for and believe you should breastfeed your child whenever, wherever, however and around whomever you want. If you do choose to cover up, we love an all-purpose cover that can be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover and more. We love these sweet ones, affectionately named 'nests' from Native Wilds.


We generally don't say that a nursing pillow is a 'must-have' because using one is totally a matter of personal preference. For some, it makes breastfeeding a lot easier and more comfortable. For others, they can be a pain and just get in the way. If you do choose to use a pillow, there are a bunch of options out there. One of the most commonly used (and relatively easily transportable) is the Boppy, so you'll probably find that most mamas-to-be have the Boppy on their baby registry (or already in their closet). We love practical but pretty gifts, so we're excited to find these gorgeous linen Boppy covers from Madly Wish


How many times have you fumbled with your shirt while nursing your babe? (Too many times to count for us!) Enter the brilliant breastfeeding bracelet that doubles as a method for keeping your shirt out of your (and your baby's) way. We love this beautiful leather one from Oat Mama


Let's get real, shall we? For the first few weeks (or, maybe, months or, okay, maybe years) as a mom we spend a substantial amount of time in our pajamas. Gift a pair of super comfy, nursing-friendly pajamas to add just a little bit of comfort and luxury to the everyday. We love these pima modal sets from Cuyana. Hey, who says motherhood can't be glamorous? 

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