Launching our In-Person Prenatal Classes

Since we launched in August, our goal has been to offer both online and in-person breastfeeding education on a variety of topics so that anyone who wants or needs breastfeeding information or support can get it - regardless of where they are in their experiences, in life or in the world. If you follow us over on Instagram, you may have noticed that we held our first in-person prenatal breastfeeding class in Hoboken yesterday, and we're so excited to share a bit about it with you!

We know that research shows us that intention, confidence and support are three important factors in determining breastfeeding success. When you sign up for a class, you're showing intention - that's the first step. Through our classes - whether online or in-person - our goal is that you leave with the confidence that your body can breastfeed and you can overcome any challenges that may present themselves throughout your breastfeeding experience. And, finally, our hope is that we help you begin building your support system by providing on-going support and showing you ways to create and find even more support networks around you.


Are you local? We'll be holding our in-person classes monthly (and possibly more frequently depending on demand), so please keep an eye out for our next class coming up in March - we'd love to have you join us!


We held our in-person class at Celebrate Life Studio in Hoboken, NJ. This beautiful, light-filled yoga and dance studio was the perfect space for our expecting parents to meet and learn about breastfeeding for the first time.


Every expecting mom received a baby, a folder full of helpful information and resources (and a bunch of exclusive discounts to some of our favorite baby & mom brands), and a cookie (beautifully made by local mom-run For Cup Sakes). 


We had an amazing time connecting with these expecting parents, sharing evidence-based information in a fun and informal way, and answering as many questions as we could in our 2-hour class. Each in-person class includes 6 months of online one-on-one support from us, so we're very much looking forward to continuing to support our members as they go through the final few weeks and months of pregnancy and enter the beautiful, messy, confusing, and incredible world of parenthood.



All photos taken by Evian Granitz.